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The online locator is a searchable tool of UNLV worker's primary position attributes within the Workday Job Family Groups: Academic Faculty, Administrative Faculty, Classified Staff, Post-doctoral Scholars and Residents.
The supervisor detail and the job detail is extracted from Workday's Human Capital Management module at the end of each business day.
The directory detail, shared in this online locator, is integrated into Workday from the UNLV Archibus Space Planning tools (each worker's workspace, each worker's primary work phone, and each worker's mailstop).
Search Instruction: To search for a UNLV Worker, use the control panel to the left. Enter specific or "wildcard" information as search criteria and click on the "Search" link. If you are looking for the additional information about the worker, click on the worker's name on the search result, the worker detail information will appear below the control panel. If you wish to clear previous information, click on the "Start Over" link.
Corrections to the information associated with each employee can be accomplished in one of the following manners:
Title Change/Correction: A manager can change a worker's business title by inititating the Change Business Title business process.
Worker Workspace, Worker Primary work phone, Worker Mailstop: Contact your department's authorized ARCHIBUS Web Central user. If you are unsure who the authorized Archibus user is in your department, please check with your department's administrative assistant or contact the Office of Space Management at (702)895-0484.
Contact the Finance and Business Concierge Office at Human Resources at (702) 774-4249. You will be informed of the different Workday business processes dependant upon your needs.